Essentials for Opening a Preschool

Are You Planning to start a preschool? Dreamt many times and could not take it forward..?
The Basic Requirements of the preschool are
1. Infrastructure
2. Best Curriculum
2. Investment for preschool
3. Staff
4. Local permissions
5. Passion

1. Infrastructure gives the very first impression for the customers, who walks in for the admission. The place should be big enough for classrooms and play area. The property should be good enough to attract customers.
Finding a property is little challenging in urban parts. Still many dedicated preschool property consultants can help in finding a property for preschool
2. Preschool Curriculum:
Play school curriculum is a very important part in the success of the preschool.
The quality of the preschool depends on the curriculum used in that institute.
The good curriculum, Guides the preschool teachers for preparations for the class like teaching aids, art and craft, presentations, flash cards and may more.
On the other hand a unstructured curriculum leaves the teachers exhausted for session.
Don’t finalize the preschool brand without analyzing the curriculum.
Points to consider the play school curriculum
Day wise planners 
Fine Motor activities
Gross motor Activities
Periodic Assessments
Family Involvements
The curriculum should be presented to the teachers in a simple way and it should be like a spoon feeding for teachers.
It should reduce the teacher’s efforts.
We will discuss the reaming points in the next post