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Preschool Curriculum

In our curriculum we provide the Preschool activity kit an innovative teaching solution introduced by the house of the preschool experts, kids cube international,  and Crafted by a group of experienced teachers. As preschool builds the foundation of a child’s education, knowledge is imparted in a playful manner. It includes activity-based learning, puzzles worksheets, etc. This helps to make sure the children acquire the knowledge quickly and remember it for the rest of their lives. The preschool kit is crafted considering the curriculum framework and the age-appropriate milestones are also set in a way that children can enjoy learning. Start your preschool today with zero royalty fee.


Diploma in Pre School Teacher Training

About Diploma

Diploma in Preschool Teachers Training offers a platform for both aspiring and professional nursery teachers to aid in the process of child-centric learning by incorporating storytelling, rhymes, fun games and play along with helping the ‘wannabe’ nursery teachers to learn latest approaches and methods of planned teaching through fun ways and experimentation. mattis, pulvinar dapibus leo.


10+2 is the minimum criterion for enrolling in the course

The course has been tailor-made to fit the needs of both new and experienced teachers

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