The Best Technique to Grow Your Child’s Future in Modern Day

There is a new buzzword in the market among parents & students: Homeschooling. This has been a global phenomenon for long but now it’s becoming a trend in India, all due to COVID-19 outburst.

See the problems with this current situation are:

  1. Schools are closed & no one knows when they will reopen: We are facing a difficult time of COVID-19, in this situation schools are closed as per our government decision. There is no ray of hope when it will open again. Question arises-what about kids’ studies? Today no one knows the answer.
  1. Are parents ready to send their children to schools if it will open?-answer is big no.
  2. How learning will take place?-only online.
  3. What about their one precious year?- Time is running out for children. Every year is precious for them.
  4. Can we ignore schooling?- Answer is No we cannot ignore it.
  5. What can we do for kids under the age of 5 years ?- We cannot send them to schools in this pandemic.

This year’s situation is very critical. No one knows when it will be normal, so we have to adapt to this new normal. New normal for this year is to try homeschooling and save your ward’s one complete year.

What is homeschooling?

Teaching kids at home with the help of a reputable homeschooling provider rather than sending them to school. 

In other words, Kids do not go to school, rather school comes to their home!! 

Parents taking help from those education providers who are providing this facility to them because this method turns out to be boon for them in this difficult time of COVID-19.

This concept is new in India but very popular in other countries. Our big cities are adopting this homeschooling concept very fast.

Do you know?

90% of a child’s brain development happens before age 5.

Lost time is never found.

The first 5 years have so much to do with how the next 80 years turn out.

Apart from this COVID-19 -19 many more reasons are also there to adopt this homeschooling concept.

Why are parents choosing homeschooling?

Homeschool options are considered by parents for reasons such as

  1.  Discontent with the schooling systems.
  2. The rising crimes in the schools.
  3. The ever-rising fee structures of schools.
  4. The belief that their kids are not gaining much from the traditional schooling system.
  5. It could also be due to various religious superstitions of parents.

Parents commonly cite two main motivations for homeschooling their children: dissatisfaction with the local schools and the interest in increased involvement with their children’s learning and development.

Parental dissatisfaction with available schools typically includes concerns about the school environment, the quality of academic instruction, the curriculum, bullying, racism and lack of faith in the school’s ability to cater to their children’s special needs. 

Some parents homeschool in order to have greater control over what and how their children are taught, to cater more adequately to an individual child’s aptitudes and abilities, to provide instruction from a specific religious and moral position, and to take advantage of the efficiency of one-to-one instruction and thus allow the child to spend more time on childhood activities, socializing, and non-academic learning.

Why is homeschooling gaining momentum?

In a home school, each child’s education is designed specially for that child rather than forcing the child to follow the same path as every other student in an institutional school.

Homeschooling is about academic excellence. Because a child’s education is designed just for her, the child’s potential can be fully realized. Each child can learn at his own pace. Areas in which a child excels can be maximized and accelerated. Areas in which a child struggles can be focused on until the child really conquers that subject. True learning becomes the primary focus of education.

Homeschooling isn’t a practice of isolating children at home, as those who are ignorant of homeschooling sometimes think.

What are the options available for homeschooling?

Kids cube international PRE school, India’s No. 1 Franchise provides homeschooling for the kids of Nursery, LKG and UKG. This Bangalore based institution comes with a unique solution for your kids with the name of kids cube homeschooling @COVID 19.  

Management knows the problems with current situation that:

  1. Schools are closed.
  2. Parents are not ready to send their wards to school.parents adamant that they will not send their wards to school even if the government gives permission.
  3. No learning is possible.
  4. Time is running out for students.

But, staying In doesn’t mean learning is out because home is our first school.

Hence, Kids Cube International has introduced homeschooling. Education at your doorstep. A perfect blend of art of teaching and technology. A perfect solution for student, parent and school. It has structured curriculum, experienced staff, fun learning, cost effective, plug and play technique, flip-flop teaching.

Program includes-

  • Worksheets for one year
  • Instructions for parents
  • Structured curriculum
  • Supporting videos
  • Craft materials
  • Flip book teaching.

Apart from these kids cube curriculum is blend of 

  1. Montessori’s method.
  2. Multiple intelligence.
  3. Focusing on holistic development of the child.

Montessori is a method of education that is based on self-directed activity, hands-on learning and collaborative play.

Why Montessori? “Montessori schools promote hands on, self paced, collaborative, joyful learning. … By providing an environment that supports natural development, Montessori education enables children to develop the fundamental capacities that they need to become happy and fulfilled adults who contribute to society.

Multiple intelligence theory shows each of us has a range of skills, strengths and weaknesses. Teaching students about the multiple intelligence theory shows them they each have something important to offer in every class or situation, and that our differences can strengthen us as a whole.

Now look out some benefits of homeschooling:

  • Parents have a more direct role in your child’s daily keep your child safe, parents’ role is direct in homeschooling.
  • Parents have the satisfaction that their children are learning, developing skills, and maturing in a way that aligns to your goals and values.
  • It helps to build stronger relationships with their children.
  • Purchasing bundled learning packets can help with budgeting and ultimately help reduce costs.
  • No homework! Yeah, that’s right. Since all learning is going on during the day, there is no need to task your child with additional work.
  • Ability to pursue child’s interests, and have more personalized learning — matching lessons to child’s learning styles.
  • Helps make your kids believe that education can be exciting and fun.
  • Helps in making parents aware of their children’s hidden talents.

One of the greatest benefits of homeschooling is its flexibility.

If your child is struggling with a subject or a specific concept, you do not need to skip it and move on. Instead, you can work with your child until she/ he has mastered the material.
Homeschooling allows you to take all the time you need to ensure learning is taking place.


  1. Nice. Is it just limited to Bangalore location only ? Or is it in other big cities too like Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Vadodara, Indore, some cities of South India, and Kolkata, etc.?

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