Preschool themes and the preschool curriculum

“Tell me and I forget, 
teach me and I may remember,
involve me and I learn.”

By Benjamin Franklin

We follow the same education method at kids cube international preschool.
The best way to teach preschool kids by involving them through activities

We introduce all the color day celebrations Like



This will reinstall the concept of colors to the tiny toddlers.
The school will be decorated with the color related to celebration with color balloons, color papers, decorative cloth and many more

All the preschool children come to the school with the related color dress. The classrooms also will be decorated with the red color objects .
The preschool themes are always to be presented to the children

The preschool teachers give students the color balloons to the students as a preschool welcome time tradition.
Once he children enter to the school, the preschool circle time starts with the conversation regarding the color.

The preschool curriculum will help the preschool teachers to prepare for the celebration. preschool lesson plan will give detailed plan on celebration

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