Should we choose a preschool franchise or a preschool expert to start a preschool

There are many free material available on the internet and we can use those and start preschool..? Many businesses owners have this question..

The answer is very simple..

1.There is lot of information available on internet. The topics ranges from recipe of idly to the most complex chandrayan also..

The information is flooded.. But it is not organized nor structured.. While searching we land up in different country’s topics…where many things are irrelevant to our education system..

And even if we get the much information, it is difficult to set the flow, age appropriateness, teaching methodology and many other things

And can you rely on a online free content, 1.You don’t know that person who has created, his experience, expertization .. If you blindly follow, where do we land up… don’t play with the Future of kids, as a school you have take the responsibility of the future of children

The other important part is, if you spend your time on the these things, and can you ignore day to day activities of school..ie in turn the quality, reputation of the preschool

Even if are a expert also.. Don’t waste your time on the technical things, it is very vast… In our case the curriculum set contains more than 25,000 pages(only curriculum)… Can you spare that much time to create such huge material… ? Definitely don’t try that… Concentrate on the managing the business, taking it to next level, teachers, marketing, day to day activities at school…

When we are sick, we should not try own medication.. we need a doctor, a expert in his domain. When you are starting a business with a huge investment always rely on a expert.

If you are not interested in preschool franchise route, go for non franchise preschool solution and build your own brand preschool..

While trying to arrange these, Many people loose their admissions, in turn business. Many times they end up in huge financial loss and also giving up their dreams

Preschool segment is billion dollar segment .Enter the market fully prepared

Don’t keep thinking like

which is best preschool curriculum,
how to start non franchise preschool,
preschool marketing,
preschool infrastructure ideas
Where to buy preschool toys at discounted prices
What is smart book
preschool teacher training is enough or center head training is enough..?

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