Circle time at preschool

The preschool session should start with a activity which Create curiosity, interest and fun

We cannot start directly the academics for the preschoolers.

Establish a routine for calling the students to the morning meeting, by sing a song/ring a bell or playing a music. It may take few days for the students to learn what to do, so be patient and remind them gently that the song /bell means to come to the circle.

Have the students sit in a circle so that they can see you

Now start with wishing good morning. Then casual talk like what you had for breakfast. And ask the child to sing a rhyme.. tell a story, ask how the child spent yesterday evening. Use lot of props related to the theme , which you are introducing.

Then start with calendar time, where the teacher will tell about todays date month and year. And the weather like today is sunny day .. And so on.

These are the simple ways to connect with the child. This reduces the burden of the teacher

Establish a perfect system to implement Best preschool practices

where kids enjoy and study.

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