Kidscube TamilNadu- Hosur Centre

Kidscube @ Hosur is committed to making your child learning a magical experience. Playschool in Tamil Nadu.

Kidscube playschool & Child Care Center provides a convenient and safe environment for your children. Your children enjoy our unique programs in playschool and daycare.

Kids at kidscube Hosur playschool learn joyfully with our curriculum. Our unique methodology to suit individual improve their learning skills. Each classroom we designed to welcoming, stimulating and engaging, with toys, games and even more various natural resources. The school has a safe and secure environment. Our environment helps children development in physically and emotionally.

Kidscube playschool bangaloreOur staff is highly experienced in the study of Early Childhood Development. Teachers at kidscube create a learning process and environment that supports child development in a stress-free manner.

We ensure that the children have continuous, excellent supervision and individual attention and that most of all, the children enjoy their learning engagements. Our activities excite their minds and extend their creativity in multiple ways.

The school takes pride in the safety and security measures with verified staff. Health and Hygiene are the important facets that govern the school and take precedence in the school and childcare.

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Hello: 8870408824 / 8870287105

10, 704-189, KCC Nagar, Bangalore Road, Hosur – 635129 Tamil Nadu

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