annual day at kids cube preschool franchise

Annual day is a big day for any preschools.

Annual day is a great opportunity for the children to exhibit the talent.

Parents will be exited, as this is will be very first stage show for many children

The teachers and the training staff will work for months to prepare the children for the  program.

Many parents became so much emotional on the stage itself , seeing their kids performance.

The school  should well prepared  for the smooth flow of the program.

The annual day at kids cube themed as four elements of the nature ie air, water , fire, earth

All the songs, skits, will be related t the theme.

The skit boondh, performed by the kg kids was wonderful .Every kid in the skit outperformed to their age.

The  composition of the skit is in such a way that, the spectators could not blink their eyes also.

And the message was wonderful regarding the friendship and the socialising.

The viewers congratulated the children and stff for the wonderful performance.

The program moved on the special prize distribution and

Closed by the national anthem

People were not ready to leave the auditorium, speaking to kids, teachers and taking the photos, selfies  and so on

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