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Kidscube Play school had more than 13 + centers in Bengaluru, Karnataka to provide an ambience and atmosphere suitable to your kids. There is a KidsCube play schools located near you to give your child the education they deserve.

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1.10 - 2.10 yrs
Months Old
Class Size

PLay Group

This age children start to explore the world .Our curriculum enables to continue their exploration.

3.10-4.10 yrs
Months Old
Class Size


This age children can be full with self-esteem. Our curriculum enables to support their abilities.

Months Old
Class Size


This age children can be full with self-esteem. Our curriculum enables to support their abilities.

2.10 - 3.10 yrs
Months Old
Class Size


Our Activity program enabled their brain development to understand his or her environment.

4.10-5.10 yrs
Months Old
Class Size


We provide children with the best opportunities for learning and growth during this age.

Months Old
Class Size


We provide children with the best opportunities for learning and growth during this age.

Why KidsCube Preschool

We at Best Preschool in India understand that the development of a child is not dependent only on the books. In today’s competitive world, right amount of exposure and practical knowledge has become imperative requisites. We help your child to take that first step towards her/his future. Our preschool and day-care center promises an enjoyable start of their journey at a setting which offers comfort and care of a home along with the diligence of a school

Classroom Facilities

At KidsCube every child is provided with a love and caring environment which filled with colours and laughter that gives them an all-round learning experience with fun . You kid always feels it as a second home when they are nurtured at the best preschool environment in the country.

Our creative techniques for kids safety

  1. We Hired ample, qualified staff members.
  2. Our staff always  make sure of check the play area regularly.
  3. We Arrange the classroom in a way that allows us to see all of our classroom kids, at all times.
  4. We always adhere to food safety guidelines to kids as well staff.
  5. Ensuring safeguard the outdoor play area.
  6. Keep dangerous supplies out of reach
  7. Have emergency plans in place.

Learn through play

Education and psychology to describe how a child can learn to make sense of the world around them. Through play children can develop social and cognitive skills, mature emotionally, and gain the self-confidence required to engage in new experiences and environments.

Important Activities To Stimulate Child’s Brain Development

  1. Communicate With The Child
  2. Introduce Books, Storytelling And Narrating Events
  3. Ask Questions To Stimulate Thinking Process
  4. Let Your Kids Explore – Touch, Feel, Smell, Taste
  5. Music-Dance-Physical Activity
  6. Building Event Memory, Associating Things & Situations
  7. Independence
  8. Logical Reasoning & Decision Making
  9. Indoor games with safety environment


Our framework provides early childhood implementation teams with principles and guidelines to ensure that young children develop and learn, acquiring the skills and knowledge they need to progress and achieve in school and participate in home and community life.

Kids Cube Preschool childrens learn best when they have positive caring and joyful relationships with adults and other children; when kids receive
carefully planned, intentional guidance and support and when they can safely encounter and explore many interesting things in their environment.

Children enter preschool with different strengths and interests. One child might love picture books and already know lots of letters but have trouble with social interaction and communications.

Our Results Speak for themsleves!

Our Preschool center offers a fun filled setting for kids. We do not limit their access to just concrete interiors; instead we motivate children to have a stirring experience outside, amidst the natural setting. We have safely guarded our external surroundings for security and safety of the children. Considering it as another form of classroom, we inspire kids to enjoy, learn and develop through ways of nature too.

Voted as FAVORITE PRESCHOOL by local parents.

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