With the surge in the preschool segment, many big companies entered the segment.

many toys vendors also entered this business.

For them the main motto to sell the preschool toys.

These companies started the preschool solution keeping the toys list in front of the preschool solution.

People also started looking the preschool franchise with reference to the toys/material count

By this kind of the preschool packages, preschool investors started to compare  the number of tables, chairs  .

This  shifted the whole focus of the investor towards the tables and chairs , rather than  curriculum, training, knowledge transfer, parent counseling, school management

Brand “x”  is giving   22 chairs and brand y is giving “20” chairs..

Many people spent much time on analyzing the quantity of the toys and comparing with online prices.

Making excel sheets  of the toys prices, compare.. And so on.

And I am not telling that , investor should  not check the toys list. But it  also  necessary. But that is the last  thing to consider.

You are building a business ,  your priority should be on the

-Quality of the Preschool curriculum

-The teacher training s,  business trainings, centre head trainings

-Marketing plan, 

-Quality of Books

-school management

parent counseling,

-knowledge transfer,

-Age appropriateness of the curriculum

-Which curriculum they are following

-Activity planner, how it will  help the teacher

-Lesson planners.

And so on.

Many preschool  became outdated.  Many schools closed down their  centers and the dreams and started selling their  preschool toys.Who  worried much about the quantity of chairs

Please remember , preschool franchise or preschool solution is service based industry not the toys  factory.

The preschool brand  should always  update their curriculum on regular intervals to cope up with the current  trends , they should  try to increase the effectiveness of the trainings,  build  strong support system and  innovations and many more

As investor , preschool owner, you should take wise decision while choosing the preschool brand. There are  preschool brands with many marketing  tricks. Make a good research  discuss with the brands, visit their  centers

Make  a wise  decision, because you are  investing your money, time, energy in building the preschool business, Don’t get   confused with the  number of chairs..

All the very best…

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