What they say...

We can see a lot of improvement in her.
She has improvedin communication and is
happy to come to school which is the main
thing we need.

Hasini's Parents

She has improved a lot after joining here.
Her pronounciations are clear. She has also
started to converse in english especially 'sorry',
'thanks, 'good night'. We are very happy with you
people. Thanks.

Sree Deeksha's Parents

My son is very happy to come to school.
During holidays he was missing the school &
imagining himself being in the school.
I'm happy with the method of teaching and
activites performed here. Thank You.

Samarth's Parents

Kid tries to recite the learnings from school
to home. There is a good progress made on the
behaviour like Sharing, Socialising, being Assertive
at times. Look forward to collaborate with teachers
and learning materials to see the kid progresses
academically and attitude wise.

Maneet's Parents