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Opening the doors to a world of Fun and Learning, Kids Cube International presents a stimulating environment and engaging methods for the holistic growth of children.

We at Best Preschool in India understand that the development of a child is not dependent only on the books. In today’s competitive world, right amount of exposure and practical knowledge has become imperative requisites. We help your child to take that first step towards her/his future. Our preschool and day-care center promises an enjoyable start of their journey at a setting which offers comfort and care of a home along with the diligence of a school.

In order to provide the best to children, we have designed our educational system around well researched concepts such as “Inquiry based learning' and "3C approach ('Character, Competence and Content)".

With an aim to make their learning entertaining we have derived various interesting activities and an enriching curriculum. Our kindergarten curriculum has been designed by amalgamating the unpretentious Indian values with the competence of Montessori methods, Regio Emilio, Howard Gardner Multiple intelligence theory . We at Kids Cube International understand the significant role pre – school education plays in shaping a child mental and physical being. Thus, we ensure that they are provided with the best.

We care them as much as you do - Preschool in Bangalore, India

Our Preschool Franchise center offers a fun filled setting for kids. We do not limit their access to just concrete interiors; instead we motivate children to have a stirring experience outside, amidst the natural setting. We have safely guarded our external surroundings for security and safety of the children. Considering it as another form of classroom, we inspire kids to enjoy, learn and develop through ways of nature too.

We have equipped Kinder Eden with various kinds of modern and latest facilities. High end safety and security systems have also been installed such as 24 hours of CCTV surveillance. Our team of teachers has also been trained especially on safety measures. We also give utmost importance to hygiene, providing a healthy environment for children to learn and develop. With this busy world the preschools have become the necessity for the parents to send their kids to preschools. Early childhood education is the most important part of child both in sense of both physical and mental growth which helps them in later stage of their life. The pre-school helps in stimulating the learning sense of little ones. Combination of moral sense and practical knowledge gives an appropriate growth of kids. With this the scope of , Preschool Franchise in India low investment emerged out , Preschool business is growing as even in smaller towns the children are being sent to preschools and are groomed well and trained till they get admitted in primary classes of main stream schools. Franchising has emerged as a most successful model to expand in preschool education. Preschool education comprises a major chunk of education business in India today. The increased consciousness among parents regarding the education of their kids has given a great boost to pre- school education business.

There are many Preschool Franchise India which offers many curriculums such as Language and literacy, numeracy, social and emotional development, General Awareness and many more. Together with this the Preschool Franchisee Provides with many Programs such as PRE Discoverers program Pre Discovers Programs (for 2 - 3 years of kids),Pre Explorers Program(03 to 04age kids),Discover kids Programmes(04 - 05 age kids) and Explorer Program (05 -06 age kids) To make the sessions more enjoying and develop more sense in kids these Preschool Franchise celebrates many occasions such as ‘colour day’, ‘Plantation day’, ‘Republic day’, ‘Independence day’ and ,many more Keeping the safety point of view this Preschool Franchisee provides with 24 hours of CCTV Surveillance for your kids which prove to be very vital point for Parents as well as the Owners.

With certain Requirements one can start Preschool Franchise in India

Investment: A preschool franchise requires an approximate investment of Rs 5-10 lakh, which includes all the requirements such as child-sized chairs and tables, mats, educational toy and games, puzzles and books. . Efficient staff: A good team of qualified teachers is the prime requisite to assure the proper working of a preschool. Franchisee needs to organise training sessions for teachers from time-to-time. The Teachers here should be caring enough and need to pay attention to each and individual kid. However one need to set certain criteria in selection of teachers here.. Location: The minimum land requirement to open a preschool is 1,000 sq. ft to 1500 sq. ft. Beside , this one need to make sure that location chosen is open ,providing favourable environment for learning and if area is easily accessible for all parents via all modes of transport it adds an advantageous point. Preschool in India is not only a good business for making good money but also gratifies one by letting them help the children in their overall grooming. Opening a Preschool is not a that difficult thing only the above requireds together with patients and few co-operative people around and one can easily give a start to this. The Franchise for these day care centres are located at many major locations in Bangalore such as Chikkalasandra, Avalahalli center, Rajarajeshwari nagar center

Our Approach

We have designed our educational system around concepts such as “Inquiry based learning" and 3C approach.

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Programs Offered

At Kids Cube International,we offer a variety of programs for all age groups viz Pre-Discoverers, Pre-Explorers, Discovery & Kids Explorere...

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@ Kids Cube International, we celebrate a lot of special days.Color Day, Sports Day, Festivals, Nature Day, Annual Day to name a few...

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