What is Abacus??

abacus is one of the first counting devices invented.
1)It is a wooden/plastic framed tool with beads used to inculcate
the place value concept in children since childhood.
2)It is used for addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division
3)Abacus is invented 2500 years ago by Chinese

Abacus for increasing mental aptitude

ABACUS is used by both hands so with the help of ABACUS kids use their both art of brain

The human brain undergoes 85% of its development during the age of 5-14 years.

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Benefits of Abacus training

  1. Removes the phobia of Mathematics.
  2. abacus clases - bangaloreOverall development of the brain
  3. Speed and Accuracy
  4. Stress-free calculation
  5. Improves memory
  6. Improves concentration
  7. Visualization
  8. Listening skill
  9. Imagination

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Abacus helps in:

The actual benefit and result of the abacus is concentration improvement and brain development through the concept of visualization.

Removes the phobia of Mathematics:

  1. Math will become easy for the Abacus learning kids
  2. They will start enjoying the Mathematics
  3. The speed of calculation will increase
  4. Stress-free calculation
  5. The results will be more accurate

Overall development of the brain:

  1. we use right hand to move the beads at unit place calculation… It
    will activate the left brain
  2. And we hold the instrument in left hand & use left hand to
    move the beads in the tens place. .. It will activate the right brain

Overall academic performance:

Once they achieve good concentration skill, they can grasp the subject taught and their performance in all the subjects will be improved.

By good listening skills, kids will grasp the subjects easily, which is taught in school.

By good mathematical skill, kids will become confident

By good memory power, kids can remember the subjects and can recall in exams.