Our curriculum is based on the multiple Intelligence approach and is inspired by Inquiry based learning and Reggio Emilia education approach of Northern Italy. In an Inquiry-based learning set up, children explore an idea and gain new information and knowledge by questioning.

Our curriculum incorporates several elements of the Reggio Emilia approach:
Respect for each child; documentation of children's work; emphasis on Art as the chosen medium to represent and reflect children's thinking and provide opportunities for activities fostering art and creativity; emphasis on providing children an environment in the classroom that is conducive to dialogue and exchange of ideas; providing a safe and exciting outdoor space and an emphasis on projects based on children's interests and inquires. Our belief is that children learn best through play, play is the vehicle that drives every child's learning.

Language & Literacy Skills

listening comprehension, recall ofshort stories, recall of short events, speaking and communication, can reply to simple questions, ability to express feelings and ideas, read and write own name, phonological awareness, word recognition and reading, rhyming words, writing A to Z (Print -capital and small),Construction of sentences, Read library books.

Numeracy Skills

Number system, units, tens, objects to represent numbers, complete a pattern in a given sequence, understand pre math concepts like up down, above below, big small etc, Seriation, measurement, classification and sorting.

Science Awareness Skills

Natural world, living and non living things, My body, How to stay healthy, My food, Seasons, Weather, In the jungle, At the zoo, In a farm, Earth and sky, Planets, Air, Water, Plants, Domestic and Wild Animals, Fishes, Birds.

Social Awareness Skills

My Self, Introduce self, My family, Good Habits, Staying safe, My home, My school, My Classroom,My neighbourhood, Location and directions, People who help us, Festivals, Our Country.

General Knowledge Skills

Days of the week, Months, Transportation, Communication, Shapes, Colors, Patterns, Groupping Objects, Current Affairs, etc.

Emotional & Behavioural Skills

Interact with other children and adults. Look after own belongings, shoe concern for others, respect and understand others,show leadership qualities, obey and follow instruction, share things with others, obey classroom routine, respect property and rules,respect elders and teachers,self discipline, responsibility to do things independently,fairness and honesty,learn and explore new things, accept opinions, etc.

Creative Skills

Free Play, Art & Craft (coloring, paper twisting, paper mosaic, paper crumpling, wet chalk drawing, crayon shaving, scrubber painting, paper dabbing, sponge dabbing, spray painting, paper tearing, finger printing, vegetable printing, marble painting, blow painting, string painting, stencil painting, comb printing, bead painting, thumb painting, fist painting) music, dance, dramatic play, group discussions, cooking.

Physical Skills (Gross & Fine Motor Skills)

Outdoor Play, Water Play, Sand Play, Walk backward and forward on a straight line, walk on curved lines, run, jump, hop, skip, balance on a beam, sudden stops and change directions, clay moulding, thread beading, lace tying, colour within limits, cut along a straight line, copy and draw shapes, put together puzzles, stenciling, drawing, cooking,